Ongoing problems with cellulitis

Hi, My Mum had a hip operation about 7 weeks ago and all has gone well, shes back walking around the house and up and down the street o.k with one crutch now. However she keeps getting cellulitis in the bottom of her legs and antibiotics don’t seem to be doing anything much. She had this a couple of months before the hip operation was given anti biotics and it cleared. Since the OP she has had 2 courses of antibiotics different ones and it hasn’t cleared it up totally.
It seems that as soon as it stops then its coming back, its like a low level red rash right up her legs. I’m ringing the G.P tomorrow morning again but has anyone anymore suggestions? I don’t think she needs to go to A and E now, shes not poorly and its not boiling hot or anything.

Hi Elizabeth.

Extremely quiet on the forum as I type … many viewing but not answering the phone ?

A holding reply … seeking guidance from your gp seconded.

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Heathline :

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Old thread … 2008 … may be of some interest ?

I have had two knee replacements but developed cellulitis afterwards, several times.

Improving the circulation really helps. I bought a “Circulation Booster” after my second knee was done as I had accidentially managed to lean on the drain in bed and it came out, so the knee swelled. The CB made an enormous difference, getting rid of the extra fluid immediately. No good for anyone with a pacemaker, as it works by electrically stimulating the muscles. The strength of the contractions can be controlled, start off gently and work up. At the lowest level it’s really gentle, you can’t feel anything. At the highest level it’s like going for a hike up a mountain!!

We used a leg raiser for mam ( shaped pillow that supported knees and feet at different heights ). It really helped get rid of excess fluid.

There are so many reasons though why cellulitis happens, and even if not always hot it should be checked out in case a serious underlying problem. I used to use a marker on mams leg to see if the red area spread. Check with GP in case she needs a longer course of antibiotics next time. If its all not gotten rid of it will come back.

hope you and mam get sorted asap.


Hi, my husband had a few bouts of cellulitis and was hospitalised as rather poorly. He had to have antibiotics for at least two weeks at a time and I think two different sorts of antibiotics at the same time before he was clear. My husbands circulation in his legs was poor which didn’t help. Hope you get your mum sorted.

My friend had a hip replacement at a private hospital, was discharged and readmitted really quickly, thanks to his diligent wife who just happens to be a very experienced paramedic. She told me that if you have it once, you are more likely to get it again.

Thank you everyone who replied,my Mum had another course of antibiotics and has started going on a walk around the estate most days. The cellulitis has gone thank goodness and I think its a combination of both.

Great, thanks for sharing. So much easier to go for a walk when it’s dry and warm, not freezing and raining!

Elizabeth, that’s good to hear.