Leg ulcer won't heal after 8 months

this just. keeps aching .
the is horrific.

What are you doing or is being done to treat your leg ulcer?

Have you had advice from a GP or a District Nurse?

You must get this sorted as quickly as possible, if the GP treatment isn’t working, ask to see a specialist.
My mum suffered from leg ulcers for many years. She used to like me to massage it for her, with her foot in my lap.
When I had a knee replacement, I used a “Circulation Booster” to help reduce my swollen leg, and it was very effective. You might like to investigate whether one of these is suitable for you. You just sit with your feet on feet shaped pads, and then the booster electrically stimulates the muscles. You control the strength of the stimulation. It’s vital you check before you buy that it’s suitable, as some people cannot use them, especially those with pacemakers.


My daughter had a pressure sore that didn’t heal for about 10 months. Have you seen the TVN? Looks like you need to have I input from the GP or District nurses to get seen by TVN.
Keep going you re doing an amazing job.

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