Learning disability and Vaccine Rollout

Are people with learning disabilities being forgotten about in the Covid vaccine rollout?

Hi Melly

My son has just had the invitation letter and I have appointment set up for him.

But seen that there is going to be snow so don’t know if we will be able to get there if its bad

My son hasn’t been offered his vaccine yet and he is diabetic. Learning disabilities and unpaid carers seem to be on the same par of being left to one side as if not important in any respect. However, paid carers/P.A.'s are being called up, and guess what the unpaid carer has to arrange the appointment and all the paperwork to boot for the paid carers.

Cloudygal, that’s good.

Yes Maine, aware of that. I posted about that somewhere else.

All very hit and miss on when you live…


Hello does anyone know if the vaccine comes in any other form other than injection,
I am a carer for a family member who is 32 and has a needle phobia, also learning disability and autism,
Hope this messege gets to you as I’m new to the forum and never sent a messege before.

Hi Diane, welcome to the forum. My son is 41, with severe learning difficulties. They are supposed to be in Group 6.

Hi Diana,
No it doesn’t currently.
S has autism and LD and is also needle phobic (after a bad experience having a jab as a child.)

I’m hoping that EMLA cream on the day, desensitisation at home with a needle-less syringe and me having mine done first as a role model will work. However I have my suspicions it won’t …


Hi many thanks for the replies. unfortunately my daughter has not been able to have the vaccine she did try and got herself into such a state and made quite a seen locked herself in the GP toilet then came out and got very distressed and ran out to the car park.


All adults on GP learning disability register will get vaccine priority following calls from DJ Jo Whiley.

Thanks for posting this Londonbound.


I have a younger sibling with autism, what should I do?

Hi Rusty,

contact their GP or ring the National vaccine line Book or manage a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination - NHS


My daughter has LD and is on the autistic spectrum. She has had the 3 others but says she is not having the 4th. Hubby and I feel the same if it’s offered to us.

Someone we know has MS and had the 4th jab at the end of last week and has been terribly poorly since he had it and has been taken into hospital. My friend has Rheumatoid Arthritis and after all 3 jabs has been so poorly that she has been bedridden and then unable to do much, not even drive for about 10 days. She is refusing to have the 4th jab even though the surgery want her to.