Vaccination priority for those with learning difficulties

This week, the government have issued a leaflet called “Covid-19 vaccination, a guide for older adults”.

The title is very misleading, elsewhere it’s just called a guide for adults.

On page 5, 4th bullet point up from the bottom it says the vaccine will be offered to adults with

“severe OR profound learning disability”.

The doctors in my area are ill informed, so if you have someone with LD make sure they get their jab when they should.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion on this subject.

The NHS Covid Guide for Older Adults/Adults clearly states on page 5 that the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Adults (CEVA) Category includes those with “a severe and profound learning disability”.
Level FOUR now includes CEVA people, so why does this article put them in level 6?

I believe that the main reason is, yet again, that the rule makers have simply forgotten about this vulnerable group of people living in residential care or supported living.

we haven’t received that leaflet, but I found this online COVID-19 vaccination: guide for adults - GOV.UK Is this the same as the one you are referring to? I can’t find any information about levels in it?

The information posted by SunnyDisposition is dated 8th January, and also states that

Law firm Bindmans LLP have sent an urgent legal letter to Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health, requesting that individuals with learning disabilities be granted priority access to the Covid-19 vaccine on an equal basis with other highly vulnerable adults.

so it may be that the leaflet you received supersedes the information posted on 8th January and that the priority level for those with a LD have changed.


I found an actual NHS leaflet.

Why it says “older adults” on the front but inside the header is “A guide for adults” is beyond me. Another muck up?

On page 5 there is a coloured block with all the people included in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Group that we have seen before, cancers, dementia, kidney disease, liver disease etc. but it now includes those with severe learning difficulties, as well as PMLD. (That’s new to me).

At the bottom of the coloured block it says "All people who are in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group will be eligible for a CIVID-19 vaccine. Whether you are offered the vaccine may depend on the severity of y9our condition. Your GP can advise on whether you are eligible.