You have to laugh

We got the covid booster offer a few weeks ago but gp surgery wasn’t interested so we forgot about it. Today got a letter saying if you are housebound, contact your gp to arrange a home visit. Phoned gp, no we don’t do that, call hospital, . Called hospital, no we don’t do that, call 119. Called 119, home visits not yet available. Doorbell rings, lovely lady arrived to give mum her covid booster. Left hand/right hand ??!!


Unfortunately this sort of thing happens all the time. My “favourite” was when Mum was in hospital after a fall. She had severe dehydration. I spoke with her doctor who said he’d be keeping her in for a few days as he thought there was an underlying issue. I went home, planning to take a bag in for her with some extra clothes as her emergency bag only had enough for a day or two, only to receive a call from a nurse telling me she was being discharged in the morning, as it had been decided she was clinically fit for discharge. She arrived at her home in the afternoon, and I got a call from the careline at 4 in the morning that she’d had a fall. She was back in hospital two hours later, and spent the next 5 months in hospital.

Oh so familiar…

So far I have had eight invitations/reminders to book my booster. It was booked within 48 hours of the very first message. They arrive by text and email and now one letter… I know it’s important but there is no co-ordination over issuing the reminders. Just to check I found I could go all the way through the booking system, right to the point of about to click the final confirmation and it still didn’t register that I already had an appointment booked.

On the other hand Graham - with cancer, diabetes, cardiac and respiratory issues has NOT had an invitation. I checked the website and nothing is mentioned about diabetes, then via my phone I looked and diabetes is DEFINITELY listed as a condition of eligibility!! When we go to GP tomorrow I am going to ask about it and show the entry the phone. BOTH are Government website, so somewhere, something is wrong!

As for being discharged from hospital. THE neighbour who has been in hospital for over six months has been discharged four times. His wife uses crutches and goes up and down stairs on her hands an knees otherwise she is in danger of falling. 1st discharge - blue lighted back within 24 hours 2nd blue lights within 3 days; 3rd and 4th blue lights within 4 days. As so-called home assessment had been carried out and yet Paramedics said he should not have been sent home as the house is not suitable. Even A&E doctor said he was not fit to be sent home yet as soon as he is on a ward they turf him out… The last tie his wife was told at 8.15am and he was home by 9.30, so they must have been loading him into an ambulance when she got the call !! Ludicrous.

She is still in hospital after her fall 10 days ago and claims she will be home by the end of this week. How they think she will cope is anyone’s guess. Their house move has been put off for three weeks more and I am rehearsing my speech telling her I can’t help any more! Far too much responsibility to take on thank you.

It’s left hand/right hand again! Last time paramedics took mum to hospital, when I arrived I was asked if I was happy to take her home. Er, no! She was there for 6 weeks. To be fair that was because her GP is not interested and when we phone them, they just tell us to call 999.

Hugs. You are in my prayers.

Complete and utter waste of money though.