Lasting Power of Attorney


I wonder if anyone might be able to help me.

My parents sorted out LPAs in 2015. I put the correspondence away and didn’t really look into it at the time. I assumed that in the paperwork I would have everything I needed. It was an ‘Estate planning’ partnership that dealt with it and mum and dad had done it off the back of a cold call. At the time I was angry about it because the first I knew about it was when someone phoned me from the company and said they would be sending some forms for me to complete. Now, 5 years on it looks like I need to start using them and discovered that I don’t have the actual LPA documents.

I dug out the correspondence and it confirms that the LPAs were registered and the name of the person the documents were sent to. I didn’t recognise the name but I rang the office of the public guardian and they told me the documents had been sent to the company that set up the LPAs… When I looked up the company’s website the named person is a partner. I’ve tried contacting this company but presumably due to covid there I can’t get an answer on their phone line and they haven’t replied to the message I sent on their website contact page.

Would they have forwarded the document to my parents? If so I think I know where it would be. However my parents live 200 miles away so I can’t just pop round to look for them. My dad wouldn’t know what he was looking for and there isn’t anyone else that I can ask.

Is there any way I can get another copy from the OPG? Any idea how long it takes?


Hi Liz,

I don’t the answer so I googled. I could only find information related to Scotland Duplicate copies. I can therefore only suggest contacting the equivalent in the UK.


Just an update - the company called me back and confirmed the docs were forwarded to mum and dad. My plan is to visit - taking precautions to maintain socialdistancing and wearing face covering of course to try to find the docs. :+1:

If you can’t find the paperwork it should be possible to get copies from the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). either directly or via the company who did the paperwork. It will need to be “registered” before it can be used.

You’ll find details here