Spending hours and hours

I am spending hours and hours trying to sort out my carees issues and haven’t even got time to deal with my own health problems.
Its just continuous filling in forms, telephone calls, contacting people , I am told to contact the GP, you can’t just phone up and talk to the GP, it doesn’t work like that.
I am then told to contact someone else, but there are data protection issues, that i am not allowed to talk to this department yes, but my caree gave permission to talk to this department. But then that department passed my caree onto another department but the first department didn’t pass on the permission to the second department.
so i now have to contact my caree again to give permission again.

My caree is just too ill, to be doing this , doing that, contacting multiple people, dealing with letters every day.

We are not planning a trip to the moon, just trying to get the right treatment, help and support.
My caree is having a nervous breakdown, i am on the verge of one, 2 people end up in hospital, thats not what the NHS want.
Why aren’t they making it easier, one point access.


Agree .

I am in a similar position…

Endless phone calls, paperwork…round and round and back to the beginning again x 2 ( 2 carees)

Thats on top of all the day to day stuff.

Has your caree got a social care package…couldn’t a support worker do what you have taken on?

No good making yourself ill as well.

There is no social care package, the criteria now to get help is very high, so not many qualify, then its just a basic care package, minimal carers, no emergency and night care, no shopping, no cleaning.

So no support worker, its the usual story, the elderly/disabled left on their own to cope dependent on unpaid carers.

Support workers just don’t do this that and the other, you are supposed to be independent do everything yourselfs.

If my caree can get the right treatment, help and support then it would make my life easier but it’s that fight to get the right treatment help and support that’s the problem.

Yep the fight goes on.

Not right but thats the way it is.

I’m another weary fighter. Ombudsman reinvestigating, but I’m beginning to think he needed further training!!!
LA said they wouldn’t pay me when he was here to play with our steam engines he helped to restore, as on those days he was “living with” me. No, he was visiting me. Anyhow, I found a DWP decision makers guide, really interesting. Did you know you cannot “live” at two homes? Your “home” is where you pay rent, tax, utility bills etc and where you own your furniture? M has had his own flat for 11 years, so no, he doesn’t live with me. Yes, the council should pay me for visits home!
Further more, the council care plan submitted to the Ombudsman says that when ever day services are not running, he is entitled to an extra FOUR HOURS a day!!! Only never told me or the care provider, both equally stunned. Will be interesting to see what happens now. Only I’m mentally exhausted and “square eyed”. Must book an eye test.

One worker admitted today he was stumped, he was stumped, hang on a minute, he’s got all the training and knowledge and experience, he knows the system inside out.

My caree does not qualify for Social Care.
Is not unwell enough for mental health treatment?
Is on a charity waiting list, however that’s only limited sessions then back to square one.

The Corona, my caree has not got a letter so does not qualify any help shopping, getting prescriptions.

My caree is a square peg in a round hole, once my caree gets worse she will get help, but surely the council “The Care Act”

says about preventing but all involved are waiting until my caree gets worse then help will be provided.

Its like a car jacked up, the jack dodgy, a man underneath the car, right we will wait until the car falls on the man trapping and injuring the man then we will act.

You should always have time for yourself too. I guess you could extend time that you look at these things for your caree.