Hi plesE can any one help just need someone to talk to
Thanx for replies but carnt seem to send replies ??

Hi Sara, welcome to the forum.

I’m around most of the time, in and out today and tomorrow doing the last minute things before my brain damaged son, aged 41, comes home for the Christmas holidays.

Give me a brief summary of what you need help with and I’ll see if I can come up with some ideas for you. In total I’ve had 10 carees, from newborn to 87. Between them they covered most illnesses!!

Who are you caring for, what is wrong with them, and what would you like most to help you?

Hi Sara,
Welcome to the forum.

If you need to talk urgently please contact the Samaritans 116 123.

We are here to help too.

What’s happening?


Need some advice how to talk to my daughter who tried to take overdose

Hi Sara,
You seem to have worked out how to post a reply, but just in case it was trial and error and you can’t remember how you did it - just click on ‘post reply’ at bottom left of the last post on the thread; type your answer and click ‘submit.’

Have a look here for advice on how best to support/ talk to your daughter.


Hello Sara

Thank you for posting in the Forum. We were sorry to read about the difficulties you and your daughter have been having. As well as the supportive responses from other members, I’ve also sent you an email with some additional suggestions that I hope will help with your situation.

Wishing you and your daughter well


Hi Sara, This is a very worrying time for you. My advice would be to talk to her frequently and ask her how she is feeling. Let her know that you love her very much. If possible encourage her to talk to other people too, such as friends and family members. Also it is very important that she feels that she has some control over decisions that affect her. And make sure she has some regular income.
I really hope this helps.
As mentioned earlier - the Samaritans are just a phone call away.
Keep in touch,