Just no Motivation depression?

I just can’t be bothered to do anything, tired not sleeping- depression?

There are things that I need to do and should be doing, but just sit glued to the box.

I have tried to get bereavement help for my caree that did last year, not received any.

Explained to the Gp, but told I should get out in the fresh air , go for a long walk.

Well can’t do that at the moment.

After my caree died I never heard from Social Services again not that they gave any help anyway.

But I am still caring, surely someone should realise that an unpaid carer suffering from depression

needs treatment, help and support and that the caree will suffer as well.

Just utterly fed up.

There is a fine line between utterly fed up and true depression. I’ve pondered on this subject for many, many years. I am certainly UFU, my life has been largely affected by Social Services, if you can’t get good care for your caree you are always worrying, never mentally free. Thanks to an inheritance after mum died, I can now afford to travel. The “real me” I thought was gone forever is just buried under the surface. As my holiday approaches I get excited, super organised, like a military campaign.
On holiday I walk, go on boat trips, have female company, laugh, chatter, wear make up, dance…
As I pack to come home, I want to cry.
I’ve had 40 years of useless social workers, battles, meetings, reading policy that is never put into practice, more meetings…
Requests not to email me when I’m away are ignored!

I’d just like to live the rest of my life in peace.

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London bound

Just my perspective…

When I feel unmotivated, can’t be bothered, fed up I put on some music at home and exercise on my mini trampoline…

Of course that wouldn’t be be for everyone…

But it lifts my spirits and energy levels.

Or else I put on some music and do housework

Or I listen to music lie down.

Or I phone a friend who I know has a good sense of humour and we can laugh about something; even during the pandemic.

Battles are constant setbacks are draining.

Try and get some control back with little things each day you enjoy to balance the day better.

Perhaps its on your mind the man coughing
Yesterday, perhaps subconsciously its playing in the back of your mind.

Either way, I hope you can find some balance in your life.

The problem is Londonbound, Social services only recognize depression in order to use it against a person so I have heard.

And “have you ever had depression?” is a question if you want travel insurance!!!

Yes social services have told me I am depressed and I should contact mental health services, have done who arranged a carers assessment, but no services provided.

Just keep getting swung between the 2 services.

The G.P. says I need a total break I agree but how do I get a total break?

And that I should contact Social Services for more help, no social services told me to see the

G.P. and mental health services.

Both insist that the other side is responsible.

Mental health say I am an unpaid carer so it’s up to social services to provide the support.

But social services insist that mental health services should give support.

Both are arguing budgets I don’t know.

And the same with complaints at the end of complaints both sides have said contact the other side.

Had enough, so who is responsible for arranging support?

Travel insurance I have no savings, can’t even afford travel insurance let alone a holiday.

I have no friends, can’t chat to them, my only friend died last year.

And to be honest would like to go join him.

There is supposed to be all this suicide prevention strategys, where are they, who do I contact.

Gone to A&E a few times, so that’s 4 organisation who should be giving the right support

But just shunting me from one to the other, nothing to do with us.

No wonder the suicide rate is so high in this country you just can’t get any help.

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I’m not depressed and not really UFU - yet but I am in pain most of the time. Since December my hip has been hurting. Various places all round my hip and lower back. My brain is raring to go, my dogs are occassionally raring to go and my hip says ouch which is making me fed up. I’ve tried exercising, no prospect of relaxing and pain meds are useless. Too young for hip replacement and not even sure that would help as 90 % muscular I feel. Just ordered some Black? Molasses hoping that will help.

London bound

I have noticed that Mobilise do carer coaching?

Is that worth a go I wonder. At least you would be able to chat with someone.

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