Lack of motivation

Both me and my husband are lacking in motivation today. He’s not eating much and has very little strength when trying to do any exercises. He says he’s too old (79 next month) to continue with them and it is what it is. We aren’t progressing at all and if anything going backwards. I’m concerned that we will just exist and wait for the day. I’ve got someone coming next week to discuss a sitting service of two hours a week which will benefit us both but in the meantime wonder what I can do to improve things. Any suggestions?

We all lack motivation now and then - especially when we are feeling under par. I’ve got a stinking cold at the moment and am even lacking the motivation to get out bed to get washed and dressed !

What does help is having something to look forward to - it doesn’t have to be something “big”. Even deciding to cook something different/special for dinner and looking forward to eating it or finding an old film on TV that you/he enjoyed previously will do. Has he any old friends who might be able to drop in and keep him company for a while - just having other people in the house might help- I used to find myself going stir crazy when it was just me and my Mum. A different person to talk to now and then made a big difference to my mood.


Have you discussed with the GP his lack of eating? There could be a medical reason that needs checking.

He is in a catch 22, moving less = eating less = weaker = not wanting to move = eating less.

You need to get him an appointment with the doctor to see if there are any issues.