Bit of advice please

Hi everyone.
My mother and father are being looked after by a new carer who has her own business newly set up.
my mother is asking the carer to pay her bills for her, so then the carer bills my mother by cheque,
is this a correct thing to do, as a family we have been told the carer has to do what my mother has told her to do and we as her family have no say in the matter, unfortunetly my mother dosent understand money and is writing cheques like they are going out of fashion.
Thankyou for listening kelly.

This must stop!

Take away the cheque book. Immediately. Go to the bank and ask to talk to someone to block all cheques until something is sorted out. Ask for a copy of the most recent statements, and if these are not forthcoming, ask the manager to review them for “unexplained activity” so that he can go to the Police if neccessary. you also need to talk to Social Services about financial abuse. Mum clearly lacks mental capacity.
Does mum just live on her benefits, or does she have significant savings, over £23,000?
Do you have Power of Attorney?
If not find out about the DWP “Appointee” scheme and apply immediately.
Is mum receiving Attendance Allowance (assuming she is retired?)
Is she claiming EXEMPTION from Council Tax, which can be BACKDATED to the day of diagnosis?
Don’t delay, once the money has gone out of mum’s account, it will be difficult to get it back.

Incidentally, the attitude of this carer stinks, to say it’s nothing to do with you. Just that statement sets all my alarm bells ringing.
Is she giving you or mum a weekly breakdown of expenditure???