JSA, CA, and new style ESA question

Hi everyone, just signed up for this amazing site. Never had to claim benifits for myself before and I’m running into a wall. Could do with some help.

Was made redundant last month. Made a claim to JSA. I know, but if I don’t the Government will still deduct 12 weeks of it from my lieu of notice pay.

My local DWP say it can’t be back dated even though that was asked when I applied.

Job centre have continued to process the claim despite me telling them the restrictions to my time - my mum needs 247 care.

Mum’s social worker directed me to a benifits advisor. She said to see if I can claim new style ESA. Phoned them this morning, as my own research confirmed I can’t because I don’t have a medical condition (that applies).

Why was this even suggested? I feel like nobody has a clue. Got JSA phoning this afternoon to get me to jump through some more hoops.

Also phoned CareersUK phone line who whilst helpful didn’t give any insight. They gave me the number for Turn2us which have now been switched off.

Any ideas please.

Dean, does your Mum claim DLA, PIP or attendance allowance? If she does then you can claim carers allowance (a pittance) but then DWP will recognise you as a carer for your Mum and you should be able to claim benefits without having to jump through all the finding job hoops.


Hi Nelly. Cheers for the reply.

Yes, mum receives AA at the higher rate. This gives her a rent and council tax reductions. That said because she’s gone over the £10,000 or so savings limit HMC are currently clawing money back.

As you say CA is a pittance. What really annoys me is when I was working social services were funding over 50 hours a week social care whilst I worked. So they’re currently saving a fortune.

50 hours social care, that’s a huge amount.
Have they been cancelled now??!

This gives her a rent and council tax reductions

Please read and been informed …