Is this even legal?

Concerned about another carer, I don’t know what to do.

He just seems to be caring all the time for his friend , every night he is round cooking dinner, cleaning, tidying the house, shopping, you name it he does it.

His friend likes to stay up late, and doesn’t want as he puts it , these stupid carers putting him to bed, this carer does dead late, I have gone past the house seen the carers car parked in the drive past midnight. But then he wants this carer to make him breakfast as he doesn’t want these stupid carers cooking his breakfast.

He seems to be doing this every day, it’s like he lives there but he doesn’t he has his own house and family.
I am really worried about this carers health, how much sleep is he getting, not enough.

It seems like a codependent relationship that he can’t get away, his friend just rings continuously, can you do this can you do that.

If he was getting paid even a token amount then it would be a bit better, the carers get paid but they just don’t seem to do anything.
It seems this carer is just doing all the work.

He needs to just break away not see this friend anymore is he a friend? I don’t think so really.
And surely these carers should be raising concerns?
This situation just seems very wrong.

Unless it is felt this is a safeguarding issue for the caree then, really, this is a matter for the two individuals imo.

In particular, I don’t see how any laws are being broken.

Hi Londonbound,
If they are co-dependent, then the carer is getting " something" out of doing it? Perhaps, initially welcomed helping a friend, but now it’s got out-of-hand? Caring duties can creep on gradually. Unfortunately they are the only two who can sort this out. Does the Carer’s family not object? Perhaps pop the Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring book through the Carer’s door.

As for the paid Carer’s, if he’s refusing to go to bed/ eat breakfast there is little they can do.

Perhaps the friend should discuss DP’s with the caree and at least be paid for some of the care they give and reduce paid care visits to just a morning/ evening visit when the friend switches off his phone and is unavailable?