Is it as bad in England as in Scotland?

I’m a carer for my mother who has Parkinsons and dementia. I went to my mp last November because I was dissatisfied with the way my mother’s care had been handled and what we hope for for the future.

Social services got in touch and explained we would be put on the top priority waiting list for an assessment. They said they can’t say how long we would have to wait. 5 months later, still waiting.

I contacted social care direct today because we need an OT assessment as requested by the care company to help with adaptations. She said we’re on a waiting list for that now too, but can’t say how long it will be. Meanwhile, my mother could have an accident and get injured because nobody can give us any information about anything, other than ‘wait’.

Is it this bad in England?

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It depends. I love caring for my piglet but I have a lot of support in order. Without breaks or support from church and community I would have left her at the hospital.

I mean social services waiting times. Are they long?

They can be. I haven’t called them up and asked them for a care needs assessment for her yet. I need to apply this week for dla for her then I can get a social worker from the local council out in order to conduct a assessment. Best wishes. I will do all that in the next few weeks.

It’s bad in England and Wales. Councils seem to have made adjustments to their systems to deal with the lockdowns and not come out to deliver normal service since, despite government instructions in February '22 that all services should be back to normal. Now, why this is the case is open to question. Some of us feel that it’s a great way to save money. Some of us think they’re still protecting staff because some of their cases will include people affected by covid-19. The rest of us think it’s probably both.

Either way, it dumps everything on carers.

You may find it helpful to contact the Helpline for advice. The Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact them by email (