Is dementia starts with memory loss?

As the title suggested, i want to know the answer.
Please guide me into this.

A simple question, but not an easy answer. The brain is very complicated. Bits of me are super organised but in other ways I’m scatty and bird brained, often searching for my car keys. All my adult life!

My mum in law and sister in law both developed dementia in later life and they both ended up in secure accommodation.
It was the CHANGE in their behaviour that signalled something was wrong, years before a diagnosis.

Mum in law was a brilliant cook, making wedding cakes for people.
She loved new recipes, but then kept giving us jelly after a main meal, rather than something complicated like an Apricot Dacquoise - one of our favourites.
Sister in law was an equally good cook, super organised until one day it was obvious that she was really struggling.
Then I noticed a fluttery hand movement when preparing things and my heart sank as suddenly I remembered MIL had done the same.

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