Is anyone else really really struggling

I don’t even know what to say, my mental health has taken a massive battering and it’s not set to get any easier any time soon. I’ve reached out to my docs to be told it’s not a mental health problem you just have a lot on (4 children 3 sen sole parent, I have no support network,) I’ve seen no one in months, I’m now massively isolated and no one cares! I’ve reached out to friends however they have stopped answering my calls. Spend most my day fighting my own mind to the point I’m convinced I’m unwell, I have to get up and continue each day I have no choice bit I’m so tired of dealing with it all

Rachel, first of all a huge (((HUG))), you certainly deserve one.
My son has severe learning difficulties, now 41, living in supported living after my health collapsed.
I don’t understand why you have no help with 3 SEN kids.
Time to stop trying to be Superwoman and start yelling HELP, very loudly!

I used to run a parents group, maybe I can give you a few ideas to help, but first, can you tell us how old all four kids are, and whether or not they are attending school at the moment?
Are they all receiving disability benefits?

Hi Rachel

Sorry to hear things are so difficult. Anyone would be exhausted with the amount if responsibility you have.

I myself have two kids both with sen…

I have struggled more during this Covid thing than normal.

What would help you the most …

If its someone to talk to about how you feel have you thought of self referring to ITalk?..

As you are so exhausted…what you probably need is actual support so you can take some breaks

Have you thought about contacting Social Services ti see if there is any support you can get.
Are all your kids in school…?

Also this covid thing has put so much extra pressure on parents that were already struggling with sen kids and all that comes with that its not surprising things are tricky . We all need breaks and there’s much less chance of getting that right now .

Try and grab whatever moments you can…listen to music or go for a walk if you can… try and sleep well too

Hello Rachel ian(2007 member) just wondering how you are coping/feeling.hope you situation has improved. Ian