I am a newbie

Hi everyone ! I have been caring for my mentally ill child but never joined any forum. I find myself isolated and exhausted most of the time. Tell me more about yourself and how are you doing ?

Hey Beena, I am new to this too and just signing up but wanted to reach out to you and say you shouldn’t be feeling alone and I am sure you are doing an incredible job but you do need some support (everyone does) and there is an amazing support network out there…it just takes some work to find it. I would start with your GP and specific internet research (around your little one’s needs) and go back to the hospital where he / she was diagnosed and say you need to be referred onto a support network. If you don’t ask specific questions you don’t get helpful answers… do your research, every possible angle then go in …
It will be a battle so be prepared but I am sure you will get there in the end *-) Good Luck

Hi Beena,

Welcome to the forum.

A bit more information would help us to give good advice.

How old is your child?
How much care does she need at the moment?
Still in education or training?
Claiming any benefits?


My situation is different. Until recently I had caring responsibilities to both elderly parents, plus I have two small children. My Dad died back in Feb, so just my Mum now who has Alzheimer’s, but is living at home with some help. I reached crisis point 2 years ago when my Mum and Dad were both at home, I had given up my job and was at breaking point trying to juggle their needs plus those of my family. I think many people find their way here because they are broken
I think at least with your parents getting older it is the normal path of life. Caring for a child must be much harder. Can you tell us a bit more? How old is your child? Do they get any help/support? There are other people on here who are in the same boat, so I am sure they will come along with some help and support.

Whoever you are caring for you need to find some time for yourself to relax and socialise, or you do risk becoming burnt out and isolated. Hard I know, but no one person can do it all.

I hope we can help like so many of us have been helped here. xx

Hello Beena and welcome
Activity and responses on the forum can sometimes be quick and sometimes take weeks. It’s not an instant service as we are all carers many with multiple caress so we pop in and out.
I’m currently in a caring lull. My 96 year old mum is in a care home with vascular dementia and is deteriorating. I’m going in today to see her but am steeling myself for not being recognised.
My young adult son suffered deep depression and anxiety for several years but is now working and his self esteem is back so fingers crossed it continues.

When he was in the deepest depths I didn’t know where to turn or what to do and found this forum. I think it has been a life saver for both him and me, and what I have learned about caring for elderly along the way has benefited Mum and the rest of the family.

We don’t just talk caring on here, there’s various ‘ordinary’ threads too, though posts have been somewhat light lately. Have a good look round and join in any thread you want to. You are not alone any longer :slight_smile: