Intro and help needed

HI, this is all new to me but I think I need support and dont know where to start. Carer for my mum who has had a stroke and she can no longer walk at all. Issue yesterday, weight is piling on the hips and belly. How do I start to control this as exercise isn’t an option and at the mo she has ready meals for dinner as that is all the Carers have time to do. Has anyone any ideas apart from obv of low fat/sugar in meals and trying to be healthy. should I be contacting a doctor or dietician for advice ? we have no social work support and I don’t know where to turn?


I was disabled in a car accident, unable to walk properly for about 5 years, then had 2 knee replacements. Is mum putting on weight, or just getting more flabby because she can’t exercise?

On the occasions when I wasn’t there to give Mum her dinner and a carer had to cope, I found a small ‘slow cooker’ very useful. Healthy food served from the pot onto her plate. Low salt, low fat and pre-prepared by me.

My Mum hasn’t walked properly since September 2017 and has been wheelchair bound since June 2018.

I’ve posted similar requests before, what you will find is the lower body and muscles wasting away, my Mum’s ankles look like twigs but Mum still has a puffy face and a little flab on her arms, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The body is simply sending all the nutrients where it’s needed and letting the legs go.