In the news today: more & more people quitting work to care

Just listened to Nick Ferari on LBC radio interviewing lady from CARERS UK on ‘news’ that more and more people are quitting their jobs to care for family members, and a call for government to support those carers in light of diminishing social care funds and increasing need A good interview, in my opinion. Let’s hope that this and today’s press report(s) will add momentum to the cause, enough to actually get something meaningful done!

Yep … posted on another thread , and on the main JUGGLER thread :

Best read on that one … in the context of the whole debacle.

The more publicity the better and it looks like LBC Radio may be including the subject in its headline news throughout the day.

Quite rightly so !

Trouble is , as a stand alone press release … lacks any clout.

However , when read in CONTEXT … JUGGLER thread … adds another ounce of clout.

Again , as so often , only a piece of the whole jigsaw puzzle.

JUGGLER thread … almost the complete picture.

Not been a happy time in CUK’s press office … Fairer For Carers … rings a bell ?

Even the docile FaceAche crew have sprung into life this morning !


I have said this before and will say it again it the carers allowance was in line with the minimum wage carers could actually live with pride pay taxes and “keep working “ and still look after the ones they love and come off benefits but we carers save the government the same as the NHS budget so we are left to cope

True the previous thread puts everything in context. At the same time, the more the issue is brought before the general public the better.

Agreed but … ?

Let’s show the general public the WHOLE picture … not just one piece … and then expect them to guess what the whole picture looks like ?

Our Lord Kitch … the WHOLE picture on a poster !

In plain English … well … a couple of bits of London English … blame that on the artist ?

So, how to do that? General public has little chance of reading our posts, after all, they have a life!

Here’s s hoping Carers UK will use this latest ‘news’ as a springboard. Would be nice to hear Carers UK plans since they’ve just had some valuable airtime! Shame if nothing else is planned by them…

Mmmmm … be nice for our new c.e.o. to let us know what CUK have in store for it’s 7.8 million children ?

Will it be a " We’ll fight 'em on the beaches " type response or , something many would recognise as been half hinched … pinched … from Jackanory ?

That’s assuming we will be informed … of course ?

Are you sitting comfortably , children ?

I’m looking through the arched window today. (Was that Jackanory or another 60’s children’s show). Seriously, with the nationwide listening area of LBC, Carers UK should have follow up plans ready to roll out.

Smile ?

Made me LAUGH … and that’s saying something !

Couldn’t resist posting what follows :

Rosemary, wasn’t it Play School? Looking through the round/square window? I remember No.1 siting and watching it, whilst I got on with the housework

Lost on the younger readers , BB ?

Glad I made you laugh. That’s therapy you know.

Laughing ?

My laugh earlier … just had a knock on the door … gulag goons … reports of someone laughing.

That’s a three day rations withdrawal offence 'round 'ere !

Hi Bowlingbun! I think you’re right!! :grinning:

Michael has posted here

The subject was also touched on in Jeremy Vine’s midday news programme along with “fit to work” - NOT - assessments :unamused: :unamused: for those on various benefits.

Nice to know that Jeremy Vine is finally catching up with the news ever since " Assessments " hit
the headlines in 2012 ?

A seven year gap … running out of script writers due to the BBC cutbacks ?

Thanks Suzieq. I wasn’t aware that the report was actually based on Carers UK’s own research! Continuing engagement with public, businesses and government very important.

Agreed … changing that hymn sheet would be a good move … as would the language it’s written in ?

If you listened to Jeremy Vine’s daily midday programme on BBC Radio 2 regularly you would know that he is a keen advocate of Carers’ and the disabled rights and often has related segments in his programme ! He regularly includes such topics in his programme. He was also one of the first journalists to make the distinction between family Carers (unpaid) and Care Workers (paid).