BBC TV TODAY 5/2/19 8.18

I’ve just seen an article of BBC TV about carers juggling work and caring. Was it our new CEO??? Said there was “a bit of a crisis” in services, talked of entitlements etc.
Shame she apparently doesn’t have time to even introduce herself to our forum. If she read some of the posts, it might help her understanding! I felt that she was speaking more as a government spokesman rather than for members of CUK, I thought we were supposed to be a campaigning organisation, trying to get better services so we could have a life.
She spoke entirely in what I would call a “passive” voice.
There is REAL HARDSHIP amongst carers. Surely she should be speaking up for us?!?!?!

“a bit of a crisis”


I cannot comment … anything BBC related , out of bounds for me.

Suffice to say … that quote … allegedly … alarm clock just went off !

I’ll check the BBC IPlayer guide … try to isolate … and then check You Tube … on many occasions ,
someone might post a second generation copy … meaning NO BBC tag … and FREE to watch.

Regional … BBC South ???

Carers …nothing current.

Our new c.e.o. has made the BBC elsewhere.

Ideal for the JUGGLING WORK WITH CARING thread.

Carers quitting jobs from pressure - BBC News

( I’ll check the Guardian before posting said CUK summary … it usually reads better. )

NO NEED … CUK press release on their bit of this site … head over to the JUGGLING thread later …
I’ll post within the context of the that thread … said it couldn’t be done !

And , as predicted … why do we know these things that CUK don’t ?

I half-saw it but have now looked on iPlayer and find it was from 8.09 to 8.16. And repeated later I think.

I don’t expect much of breakfast TV and I think this was not too bad actually. It was totally focussed on a Barbara Bennett, who gave up work to look after her father. She will have made a bigger impact than Madelein Starr. The main emphasis was on what employers could do. BB wanted a job at weekends, for example, earning the amount allowing her to keep her benefits - I don’t think listeners will have understood the problem with carers allowance and I think MS should have said what the amount is and how much you are allowed to earn in addition.
There was no discussion of whether BB could have kept on a full-time job. ‘Services’ were touched on but not enough - we have ‘a bit of a crisis’ with services. MS said thatit was important for carers to have a break. She also mentioned the ‘carers action plan’ of last year, which I haven’t heard of and was not further explained.
So on the one hand it was only one aspect of caring that was shown, but on the other hand it did not come over very clearly.

All done … related press release added to the above thread.

Does not make good reading for CUK … all the clues have been posted on this forum for months !