I really don’t think I can live the rest of my life like thi

Hi all, I’m looking for some comfort in similar experiences along with any support advice.

My story : I’ve had chromic migraine since 19, I’m now 30. I’ve not had one second of onc day headache free since I was 19, the only thing that changes is the severity of my headaches and of course the dreading high end migraine attacks that come 4/5 times per week.

2 years ago I had labyrinths that was misdiagnosed resulting in my ear nerves being damaged. As a result I now had tinnitus and vertigo constantly (not a good mixture with chronic migraine)… up until last year I was coping and it was not really affecting my mood.

However the last 12 months with the constant headaches, Vertigo and tinnitus it’s all getting a bit much. I can pin point the moment I could no longer cope. It was when I had an mri scan and the doctor called me back in the next day because they ‘found something’ - I waited 3 weeks for the results and thankfully it was nothing just a ‘birthmark’ on the brain. Something that is common and not to worry about.

As a result of having to wait 3 weeks for my results I developed server health anxiety and now have constant worry and stress that something bad is going to happen. It’s like a fuel to my headaches. I now feel like I’m stuck in a cycle and see no way out.

I’ve had Ajovy, Botox and the standard Triptans - none have worked.

Naturally it’s starting to affect my work, social interactions and time with my family

Can anyone share their experience of similar issues and anything they have done that helps?

Hello Marky
Firstly let me say hello and welcome to our forum! You’ve certainly come to the right place to talk to other carers, many of who are in a very similar situation to yourself, a lot of carers are struggling for all sorts of reasons. I’m not sure if you’re aware but we are currently running some weekly online meets up for carers to come together, chat, support each other and share information. I really think you might find them supportive sessions Marky. We have a care for a cuppa which runs every Monday afternoon at 3pm for an hour or so, I’ve attached registration link for you Online meetups | Carers UK we’ve had quite a number of new carers join the sessions recently and many have said they’ve found them really useful and supportive. There’s no pressure to share anything your not comfortable with. Also we’re running some fun online sessions on all sorts of topics from guest speakers talking on a range of subjects to dance classes etc. Please have a look at the link and see if one of the sessions grabs your attention. Share and Learn | Carers UK
Whichever one you choose Marky, we would love to see you there.
with all good wishes

Thanks for your help and support.

I’ve had migraines since childhood (Dx age 7) and chronic/intractable since 2003 (age 26). That means 50% of the last 18 years of my life have been a migraine.
The only thing that’s helping for me? Therapy to accept that the pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.

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