I need to change it

I never really understood just how much work goes into after someone dies until just now.

My mother passed away suddenly on the 9th of April. We have gotten the cremation and wake out of the way and we are still in the process of emptying her house ready to turn over to the landlord.

I was just lying in bed, when I realised that I am going to have to change my details with the county council because my mother was the only person who I had listed as my emergency contact on their system in the event that I was sick.

My problem now is that I don’t know who to ask to step into that breech for me. Geographically, my sister is the next closest relative to me, but she doesn’t have a car to get to my house quickly if required.

My big brother would be a good option, only, he has tried to do what I do in the past couple of years - and my caree reports that he doesn’t like it because my big brother literally lifts him off his feet when this is unnecessary.

My other option is to ask a nephew of my mother’s. He lives about 5 miles away from me, but, he can drive and he has been invaluable as we have gone through everything relating to the death of my mother. At this moment in time, I haven’t suggested this to my caree because I have only just thought about it and realised that I need to change the emergency contact out myself, so I’m trying to throw my ideas out there and see what other carers may think of my thought process.

Councils have a responsibility to produce an emergency plan as a part of your carers assessment. If you don’t have anyone you can contact or rely on, they have to have an alternative in place. Mostly they use their intermediate care teams that assess individuals who have just left hospital and makes sure their care needs are met.

This is a major reason for carers to have an assessment. It sets out what you do for your caree and gives them something to work from in an emergency.

Lol, we haven’t had a social worker in over 10 years… I wouldn’t even know who to contact for one anymore since they closed the building here in town down that long ago.

The only way that they’d know what I do is if I wrote it down and put it somewhere for caree to give to them in the event that they actually come to our door.

Ok. So they need to be told, don’t they? :wink: Do them good!