Who do I contact?

Hallo everyone could I just ask a quick question please.
My mother has carers provided for her by the Local Authority, she contributes but the bulk is paid for by the LA. Mum was given no choice in care providers which I understand is normal if the caree do not have the means to pay for care but would be unable to live in own home without it. We have no problems with the care provider beyond easily fixed niggles but It has just recently occurred to me I have no idea if any major issues were to occur with mums package, for example radical changes in times they arrive and I was not able to sort it out directly with the care company I dont know who I would contact. Would I have to contact the LA or would it be a social worker? As daft as it seems I have no idea what I would do and it worries me that I dont.!

Hi Torchie,

unfortunately, gone are the days where those receiving social care had an allocated social worker to contact when necessary; often once care is in place a case is closed. Therefore, you would need to telephone ‘duty’ and either the duty social worker would sort it out or they would refer your mother for a social worker to be allocated.


Thank You very much Melly1, that helps a lot as I wasn`t even sure if it would be Social Services or the Council who pay for most of her care. Once mum was set up with a care company we have had no contact with anyone except for invoices for her contribution to the care hence me not having a clue, should the need arise, who to contact.

When my wife had re-ablement care, this was provided free by the LA, but had we chosen to continue to use their services and pay for it, it would have come from the same organisation.

We had a folder which the carers used to note any issues, (such as pressure sores etc.), this folder also contained contact information for the Carers Hub which was where their daily schedules etc. came from. and where we reported any problems or changes in circumstances.

I’m surprised that you don’t have something similar.

Hallo Ayjay, Mum does have a care folder with all her details and contact number for the care company but that is more for sorting small issues out with them. I have been lead to believe as mum isn`t private she has no choice in her care plan, so far this has not been an issue but I have become concerned should we have reason to believe her care needs are no longer being met and require adjustment which the care company may say they cant provide, I had no idea who I was meant to contact. It does seem to me unpaid carers are thrown in at the deep end with no idea where to find the life guard when they get into difficulties!

If there is any problem with mum’s care, then contact Social Services.
If her needs change, the same applies. Go to the LA website and search for “Adult Social Care”.
They should do an annual review, but from my experience this seldom happens unless you ask for it.

My top tip is never ever to phone, always email.
Then you have evidence to show what was said and when.
Ask for an emailed reply so you can show mum, your brother or whoever else you can think of.
A number of times, people I have spoken to have done nothing, but if it’s all on the phone there is no evidence!