I need help


I’ve been caring for someone for 35 hours ,earning £400 from a job and I’m claiming UC. I’m not on carers allowance as I’m not sure if it’s beneficial. ( Will the person I care for lose money )?

Basically is there anything else I could be getting ? I’m getting under £1000 and after my bills I don’t have enough to live on.

If you applied for Carers Allowance you wouldn’t qualify as (if the £400 is weekly) you are earning much more than is allowed.

Who are you caring for?
What do they need help with?

Hello! Can you tell us more or not?

Sorry for late reply. Thanks all.

They receive pip and I get paid £100 weekly. I Just wondered if I applied for carer’s allowance what benefits would the person I care for lose ?

If they are getting PIP they must have other income on top? If claiming income support then they would be entitled to additional premiums. One of these would not be payable. Carr’s UK could go through this with you if you ring the helpline.