I’m introducing myself

Hello my name is Karen,

It’s nice to meet everyone and not feel as isolated as I have been recently. I’m a 54yr old single parent (widow) mum of three adolescent men, youngest (19yrs) who has Down’s syndrome.

This is yet another transition phase in life, as my son leaves school and moves from child services into adult services. I’m already aware that there is very little support from the council and even less in the way of expectation after receiving a letter informing me my son is unemployable!

So on a positive upbeat note, I’m very resilient and determined so I’ll teach my son all the skills he’ll need to survive within our society today :grin:

Hi Karen,

Welcome to the forum. My son has severe learning difficulties, fit as a flea but brain damaged at birth. Has anyone told you that your son is entitled to education until he is 25?! There are a variety of colleges available, my son went to Fairfield Opportunity College in Warminster, he loved it.