I don't know how to post on here and introduce myself

Hey im new on here i don’t know how to post anything and introduce myself

Hi @Sparkle_85

You just have introduced yourself.

Welcome to the forum.

Hi @Sparkle_85 I just sent you a message of welcome when I noticed you’d ‘liked’ one of my posts.

As the lovely @Melly1 says - you have now introduced yourself. Well done.

This is a place where you can say what’s on your mind and chat - get advice or just have a darn good moan!

There’s a thread called “Roll Call” which starts anew each month, so @susieq will be launching the new one for April tomorrow morning. If you have a nosey around you’ll see its somewhere where many of us chat, moan, and never take ourselves too seriously so we can let off steam - but underneath it all is a true sense of support and help. If you’d like to check it out then when you are ready you can say ‘Hi’ on there and I know you’ll get a very warm welcome. Here’s a link to click to get there.


I see from your profile that you are caring for Mum and waiting on the formal diagnosis. It’s a worrying time for you and we all understand what it’s like to be in a similar situation.

I care for my husband who suffered a ‘mild’ stroke at New Year 2 years ago. Since then he’s had a cascade of other medical issues and is in pretty bad shape with cognitive issues, heart and respiratory problems, retinal haemorrhage resulting in eye surgery, and the list goes on. Had to close our business suddenly as a result (we worked together) and now I have no income and am f/t carer. Not my first choice, I will admit, but life goes on.

Is Mum getting full benefits? Do you have any help at home? Loads of others on here will be able to give guidance on those topics as well as the CarersUK Team who can advise further as well.

Hope to see you posting - remember you only need share what YOU are comfortable with.

Take Care


Yeah i have a benefits meeting soon hopefully we will get some support. Aww bless you its awful but its always gud to chat and share experiences to help each other. Hope you get time to recharge and have self luv.

Hi Sparkle, get the benefits claim I’m for mum asap. Every week you delay you are missing out on a lot of money! Do you have Power of Attorney for mum?

Hello Sparkle :slightly_smiling_face: you will get loads of support on here. welcome!

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Hello Sparkle - Welcome from me too.