Hello, my name’s Mo and this is my first visit to the Forum having just joined the site. I have so much to write, I just haven’t the time at the moment, so please bear with me and watch this space! This is really to introduce myself and say how grateful I am that there is somewhere I can chat with others who are possibly in the same difficult position I am currently in. I’ll be back later when I can properly take the time to explain my current situation. Hope you are all OK and managing to look on the brighter side of life on this sunny (where I am!) Saturday afternoon! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

No need to write lots, we understand that time can be short. (I’m a touch typist, so it’s easier for me!)

Just tell us a bit about your caree, age, disability, home circumstances, and we can start a conversation.
Perhaps tell us what you are struggling with most, along the lines of “How do you deal with XXX” because someone will have met the same problem at some time.

Most important of all is the acceptance of the fact that you CANNOT be forced to care if you don’t want to!