New to the forum and not sure what to do now

I could do with some guidance on what to do on first visit to the forum, please. :silly:

Welcome to the forum.
If you reply to my message, by telling us a bit more about yourself and who you care for, someone can then read your message and reply.
I live in the New Forest, my son is 41, with severe learning difficulties.

Hi Samantha, welcome to the forum.

I assume you are affected by caring in one way or another so you’re in the right place to get support and connect with people who understand your situation.

If you need any sort of advice have a look through our information and support pages here:

There is also information about meeting carers local to you if that’s something you’d like. For more social contact, we run weekly online meet ups for carers where we get together informally and chat. If you’d like to join, sign up here

Best wishes


I have just signed up for this forum and I would like to have some guidance on what to do and how to ask for information. Thanks

Hi Joe, welcome to the forum.
Just click on the “Reply” button at the bottom of this rectangle, and tell us a bit more about yourself, and who you care for. Are you getting all the help you need from Social Services, are you struggling with all you have to do, that sort of thing. Ask anything you like, everyone here is a current or former carer.

I have the dubious distinction of having cared for a total of 10 family members with various ailments at various times! Really difficult juggling everything, now I just have my brain damaged son to care for. He lives in his own flat now, with carers, but still relies heavily on me to do all sorts of things for him.

There’s a very simple and completely painless initiation ceremony for new members.

Just send me a case of a half decent Pinot Noir and all will be revealed. :smiley:

(That’s a joke btw) :sunglasses: