Hyponotremia (Low Sodium)


Does anybody out there have any experience of dealing with the symptoms of this in their Caree?


Both my parents have had low sodium after being on antidepressants. My father is now in a care home and things are taken care of - he’s no longer on the antidepressants. My mother has dementia but still relatively independent. She was getting cramps so severe we thought it might be a blood clot, severe headaches and even more confusion than usual.

Any action, of course, depends on the underlying cause: my own actions are on the advice of the pharmacist and GP to boost salt in a mild case in Mum due to side effects of her essential medication. In my case I was advised buying rehydration sachets (of the type you have when you get sick) and encouraging her have them instead of coffee. I also try to leave the salt on the table whenever I’m eating with her so she can sprinkle some on her food. Other causes of hyponatraemia need different attention and need to be tackled at root cause after assessment by a medical professional.