My mums a medical mystery!

My mum is 77 and never really ailed anything in her life up to breaking her hip last year. She went on to BP tablets which made her legs swell so the doctor changed them in January this year which included a Diuretic, which in turn sent her sodium levels very low. She spent 2 weeks in hospital with horrendous delirium we thought she’d never get over but she did and came home in the beginning of February.
Ever since then shes just not been right at all, dizziness, tight chest, eye floaters, peeing a lot, shes seen the doctor multiple times and had bloods and urine tests but nothing shows up at all. All theyve said is its panic attacks, and she is scared of getting low sodium and having that happen again. I believe she does have panic attacks especially since lockdown but the dizziness and ‘not feeling right’ is real, it must be something? Could the delirium have damaged her brain?
She live alone and has a panic button tag but calls either me or my sisters every couple of days panicking that shes having a stroke or something, its very stressful for all of us.
Has anyone experienced this of elderly people after delirium?

Has any tests been done on Mum’s balance/inner ear.

No, and her hearing is quite bad, although the doctor looked in them but thats all. I think theyve ruled out Vertigo as its not the room thats spinning but a swimming feeling in her head. Is there something else you think it could be?

Investigate the Epley Manoeuvre (and the reasons for needing it).

Is that a common thing? I will take a look, this has cropped up earlier when Ive looked into things, thanks

That’s interesting Ayjay, never heard of it before.

It’s a possibly there could be a balance issue. It’s doesn’t have to be vertigo or blood pressure etc. It just can be bending the wrong way getting up to quick etc.

I’ve had balance problems for years. Some days I use a walker others not necessary. My balance can go by just walking up down a couple of steps. Bending forward it stead of bending my knees. I can be just using the computer reading a book or newspaper bending into a draw. Looking up can also cause me to feel unbalance. Have dizziness lightheaded and feeling sick. I can involuntary give out a scream. My husband is use to it and just says. Oh is it your head again.

It’s quite irritating but I have managed to live with it. As there is no cure. My Mum had it and always said wait until you are my age. She is not around to tell her. If you get the G.P. to do a referral to ENT at least you could eliminate a balance issue.

Be careful when trying the manoeuvre as suggested as done incorrectly. Can leave a person feeling worse. Some Physiotherapist will do this but also ENT do. Some people learn how to do it. I find as long as I do not lie flat for two long over night. This can help will slightly raised pillows.

Also in balance causes neck strain and then effects the lower back. Because a person is trying to keep upright. I never stop walking through episodes as it’s important to keep moving. That’s why I use a walker with a sit. So I can sit down at any point.

Every situation has their own repercussions. Having panic attacks needs to be dealt with because these issues can lead to other issues as you are saying they have. It seems all her “side effects” are from panic attacks. Speak to the doctor about your concerns on the subject and explore other health remedies.