Hypoactive Delirium

My 83 year old dad with Parkinsons Disease lived alone and fairly independently until he had a fall about 7 weeks ago. He lay overnight until I discovered him the next morning. Long story short he developed a case of Pneumonia in hospital and has been seriously ill for the last few weeks. He has now recovered from the pneumonia after being treated with 4 lots of antibiotics but is now still in a state of hypoactive delirium which has lasted for weeks. He has rare lucid moments where he will recognise us, but most of the time is sleepy, not really responsive, still seeing things and finding it hard to speak. He has a catheter and wears pads. He is being tube fed and only taking a few sips or spoonfuls of thickened water and yoghurts. He just does not seem to be coming out of this delirium. Doctors say it can take weeks or months to lift and he may never be the man he was before. My question is, does anyone have any experience of a loved one having long lasting delirium? Did it get better? Did it not get better? I just really need to know potentially what could happen long term :frowning: TIA

Hi Isobel welcome to the forum
Very sadly my late husband had delirium for over 6 weeks after suffering a stroke. Much worse at night. The consultant explained that long term it could be a sign of dementia. In my husband’s case it was. Please don’t think I am saying it’s the case with your Dad, and I really hope not. Perhaps if you ask the Doctors if they are suggesting that they may explain.
I’m so sorry this is happening, I understand the heartbreak.

Thanks so much @Pet66. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, it truly is heartbreaking seeing a loved one like that. I spoke with a Doctor today and she said that we just have to take things a day at a time although when pressed she did admit that seeing my dad it is rare for a patient to recover to the point that he is back to the way he was before. Care homes were mentioned. I just can’t get my head around the fact that 7-8 weeks ago he was in his house, living fairly independently and this has now happened. I knew nothing about delirium in the elderly before this happened.