Husband home from hospital

Hello I am new to this forum. My husband has had Parkinson’s for 7 years and dementia for 18months.I am his full time carer. 7th December he was admitted to hospital as an emergency he had a urine infection which didnt respond to antibiotics and turned into sepsis and kidney failure. We were warned the next 48 hours were crucial. The hospital was brilliant and ordered him in some really strong antibiotics and we waited, fortunately he began to improve and eventually was medically fit to come home but not physically fit. He has come home with a care package of 2 carers 4 times a day. But after that we will be self funding does anyone know how much I can expect to pay for my husbands care.
Thanks for reading this message and any thoughts are very welcome :

Your husband should have an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment before Social Services do a financial assessment. CHC is unfortunately a postcode lottery, if he qualifies all care would be free.
Is here getting Attendance Allowance at the higher rate?
Are you claiming council Tax Exemption?