How others feel about being a long term Carer.?

Hello,just wondering how other feel about being a full time Carer.iam a 54 year old man looking after my father who is 93.struggle now with a social life now,would love to here how others feel in the same situation.ian. X

Hi Ian

I’m a carer looking after my two boys now almost grown up but still needing care.

I struggle with a lack of a social life. Feeling it even more during Covid.

Just got to grab any small moments possible.

Does he have any carers come in or is it just you doing the lot?

Its tough. The truth is I wish I had time off. Weekends away. Time to socialise.

Instead there is 24/7 caring currently.

No time off for good behaviour!

My son has severe learning difficulties. Although he has to live away from home now, I still do lots for him. It’s taken me a whole day to sort out next year’s home insurance, just because no one understands the rules for Mental Capacity and Power of Attorney! i even had to explain to a senior member of staff at the Equality Commission!!!

Hi Ian,

Hope you are well.

I’m a long term carer too. It’s hard work and very draining especially as we have extremely nasty neighbours.

I have no social life and always have to make excuses for work functions and what not. I have been out with work colleagues once this year mind you.

I just try to stay upbeat and positive which is not easy.

Take care,

Hi Ian and welcome. Does your dad need you there all the time? I hope you get some breaks from caring. I look after my mum who is nearly 90. She lives close by. She has mobility issues but I do get regular breaks which are vital to my well being. I am working on my social skills!