Feeling lost

Hi my names terry I’m 32 and worked my whole life.I’ve had to quit work to look after my dad who needs 24hr end of life care .I’ve bin off work now for 4 month and only leave the house for an hour a day .I have cares come twice a day to help but I’m still struggling. I fill alone and depressed most of the time .how do people cope with such a change in life .I’ve never reached out to strangers like this before but hope your experiences can help or just someone to chat to

Hi Terry, it’s a shame you gave up work. There’s a lot to consider.
Who are currently paying for the carers?
Is dad now claiming PIP or Attendance Allowance?
Were you told that dad might be entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare, all the help he needed, free of charge?
Does dad own, or rent, his home?
Have you always lived with him?
Do you have Power of Attorney?
This last one is difficult, but needs to be asked. Have you investigated which funeral directors you will use?
I know how difficult that is. My husband died in his sleep at the age of 58, from a heart attack.

I also feel lonely and depressed.

Hi Terry

I had to give up work to look after my daughter who had sepsis 3 years ago. Her disabilities and health have deteriorated in the last 6 months. I care 24/7. It’s tough some days are good some are bad and some are terrible. I joined in with the zoom yoga which was amazing. Make time for yourself is the key and remember who you are strong amazing kind and committed to caring. Don’t be alone this website is amazing for connecting. You’ve got this!!

Hi Terry

Welcome to our forum, I’m sorry to hear things are difficult at the moment and you’re feeling lonely.
I’m not sure if you know but we are currently running several online zoom sessions so that carers can take a small break and come together to chat and support each other. Many of our members have found the sessions really helpful, it’s a chance for carers to share their experiences and pickup helpful tips. The session is called Care for a cuppa, it runs weekly for about an hour and there’s no pressure to share anything you’re not comfortable with Terry.
Here’s the link, we’re also running some Share & Learn sessions too - please see the attached link.
It would be great to see you there.
with best wishes