Struggling a little bit

Hi everyone,

With covid and everything else going on I’m really struggling at the moment.
I am a carer for my grandma, shes currently cancer free (she had two different types), she has Chrones disease and many other smaller things that all add up. Since covid struck I decided to move in with her temporarily to minimise anything that could compromise her, it seemed like the best plan for us.
As I’m with her all day everyday I’m taking the brunt of everything she’s dealing with. I would be doing this anyway but it seems harder lately. I haven’t seen my family in 12 weeks I think it’s been (it’s been a long time) and I’m struggling.
I feel like I can’t talk to anyone, I can’t vent or just express myself. I love her dearly of course I do, but I’m really struggling at the moment.
It really feels like I’m not being heard and I’m just existing, kind of going through the motions without any emotion and I know that’s unhealthy!
If you got this far reading, thankyou and maybe just reply with a smiley face so I don’t feel so alone :blush::blush::blush:

It seems as though you’re doing nothing different to before, except that you’ve changed your abode and haven’t seen your family.

I’m in the the same position in that I live with my caree, so no change there for me, the tasks are all the same still, my only close family is a 5 hour drive away, (son in one direction and my sister in the opposite direction, but both a 5 hour drive).

ergo: you are missing your family and probably more importantly you’re missing some “me time”.

I get out every afternoon for a couple of hours, you should try it, a nice peaceful walk in the woods somewhere, take it slowly, soak it all in and you can relive it in your head later.

Here’s a taster, this is Ridley Wood in the New Forest, (much larger pic if you click on it):-

Hello Laura, welcome to the forum.
I’m not in your position. Lost my lovely husband to dementia and other illnesses last year. Much missed.
Can your grandmother be left for a while on her own? You really must have some time for yourself, away from caring, for your own well being. You can social distance with a friend, or family member, and now can sit on a park bench at a safe distance to chat.Are your family in touch with you? You should share your feelings with them. If you don’t, they will assume you are ok.
Sending you a hug (((:heart:)))

Hi Laura, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear you’re struggling at the moment. 12 weeks is a very long time to go without seeing your family, I’m sure there are many on here who can relate to what you’re feeling.

As Ajay suggested, finding some time for yourself can really help, have a look at our well being page here:

We’re also running informal online meet ups for carers to have a bit of a chat and share experiences, see here to join up:

Best wishes


You need to make plans for someone else taking on some of the caring so that you can move back home, and have a life of your own. How can you realise any of your hopes, plans, and dreams like this? It has to be just a “stop gap”.