Household Items

Could anyone tell me where to get help regarding household goods? I have searched online and turn2us are useless, any ideas please???

If you’re in a Caring situation then I think you’d need to speak to your local Social Services dept, other than that, I wouldn’t know.

If you told us a bit more about the situation, someone may have some ideas.

We really do need a bit more information!
Do you need items, or money to buy things? For you, or your caree?
Are you on benefits, or need a lift to John Lewis???

Hello and welcome!

Who are the items for?
You can buy most household supplies at popular high street shops like Wilko. Alternatively you can also get in contact with the DLF to see if they stock any household aids that might be useful for your cared for person. Look at their website, email or call in the morning. Or you can check out Facebook Marketplace in addition as people often sell their unwanted stuff on there.
Good luck. What sort of items do you want to buy? Make sure to carefully read all the reviews if buying online. Be sure you know that the reputation of the seller is good. There should be contact details for the seller clearly displayed on the site as well, look for them.

Your local Lions club give grants.