Equipment re home

Hi folks,
My Mum passed a few days ago and my Dad is looking to find a new home for some equipment (Hoist & specialist Wheelchair).
They’re both like new as my Mums care changed quickly and other than testing them a couple of times they’ve been sat in a room just in case.

Anyway he really wants to find someone who needs them, so I was hoping to stick them on here in the hope he could find someone local in need.

Can my Dad register & advertise them on this Forum, or do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help

Hello Neil

I am sorry to hear about your Mum’s passing. Unfortunately we cannot accept any form of advertising on the forum, but I can suggest a couple of things

  1. A local charity (hospice maybe) will usually gratefully accept donations of wheelchairs and other equipment. Although most, at the moment, are not taking donations due to Covid19 restrictions it might be worthwhile ringing them to check when they will be taking donations again.

  2. Alternatively you might think about advertising them via Gumtree, Facebook or something more local like Nextdoor.

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If they were provided by Social Services or the NHS, then get in touch with them, so that they can take them back, and give them to someone else.
They will not take any equipment they didn’t provide themselves.

Good luck with that!

When we cleared my Mum’s house when she went into care we contacted NRS FIVE times and they never collected anything. There were perching stools, toilet frames, toilet seats, bed loops, gel cushions etc. All in vgc. Each time they promised they would come and they logged all my calls.

I gave them a final call on the day we had to hand the keys over and the girl confirmed all my logged calls and apologised yet again. We took everything to our local GP surgery who have a shed where they store equipment and loan it out. i just couldn’t bear to throw it on the skip.

Thanks folks, I like the idea of the GP surgery that’s a good one. :ok_hand:

Maybe we can ask the Pharmacy too? Maybe they know someone in need…

As you say Charities aren’t taking and tbh we’d prefer it if they could go direct to someone who needs them.

Social Services & NHS were called first but they aren’t interested either. No wonder they’re so broke / stretched when you see how much bureaucracy is involved.

Thanks for the thoughts & assistance, much appreciated :+1: