Can i recieve any grants to help me move my family i care for into a new house

I care for my partner who has complex PTSD and our two children age 2 and 3 we have finally been offerd a council house but its quite far away from where we are so the moving process is going to be really differcult as we dont drive and my partner struggles in new situations. We need new furniture as where we live is private and furnitire is not ours is there any help we can recieve to make this situation less streesful for myself and partner thanks for reading

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@Gooner199049, welcome to the forum. Social services should be able to help you. If not try the British red Cross but also get in touch with the carers helpline as they will be able to help you with further information.

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Hi @Gooner199049 - Welcome. You certainly have a lot on your plate.

Michael’s suggestion of Red Cross is a good one but Social Services should be able to help with Grants for furniture, but it probably depends on where you live. Alternatively, check out local Salvation Army as they will usually help people in your situation. Local to us there is a charity which recycles donated furniture. They make a small charge to cover their expenses, but for those on benefits, they make a serious discount or even provide some items free. It’s worth seeing if there is anywhere like that in your area.

Also check with Sally Army or other church or community organisations to see if they have any scheme to help with such a move. I am aware of some which get people to provide a van and some ‘muscle’ to help people in similar situations to you move their personal belongings to new accommodation.

Good luck and I hope the new home provides comfort for your family.

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