House sale


Mum is a permanent resident in a Nursing home. Was self-funding, now assisted by social services. Dad still lives in the family home. (So they have had no claim.)
We are thinking of moving, bringing Dad to live with us and selling their joint home.
How will this work? I’m assuming that the proceeds will be split 50/50 and Mum will then self fund again until the money is depleted. Dad will get his half of the house proceeds to fund his future.
Does this sound right? Anything we need to consider?
Many thanks.

It would be financially much better for dad to keep the family home, and move in with you, without emptying anything out of his place, still paying council tax most of all. Then he is just a “temporary” visitor at your place, and so the council can’t touch the value of the house!
How old are your parents?
Whose name is on the deeds?
YOUR DAD can choose either to have a joint financial assessment, or in mum’s name only. Councils won’t tell you this!!
What is wrong with mum?
Is mum receiving Attendance Allowance? Funded Nursing Care Allowance?
Has she had an “NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment”. IF she was entitled to this, then all her care would be entirely free!