Mum in home, Dad moving-how soon to sell house?

Hi All

I would be grateful for a bit of advice.

Mum has been in a nursing home for over two years. Initially she was self funding until her savings ran out and for the past months is social services funded. Her only remaining asset is the family home which is owned jointly with my Dad. I am aware that it cannot be used for assessment purposes whilst he lives there.

Recently, my Wife and I have decided to move to another part of the country. Dad’s increasing frailty means that we have jointly decided that he should come and live with us. We know that this will then mean sale of the house to split the remaining assets.

My question is, how quickly must we sell the house after he moves in with us? It is going to take quite a while to clear, especially from a more remote location. Is there a time limit before it must be sold, and at what point do I need to inform Social Services?

Many thanks for your help.

Very complicated. Phone CUK’s helpline.