Hospital Transport

Mum was moved from the hospital to an ‘intermediate care’ facility having broken hip and shoulder. I’m not sure what the benefit of this because she doesn’t seem to be making any progress at all. Even before she moved to this place she complained of a headache [she banged her head AGAIN during the fall] All they did was give her painkillers even though she was quite badly sick. Today a young doctor came in and looked her over and decreed that she needed an MRI - this after nearly three weeks in hospital. So at 2pm she was told that hospital transport would be coming and she’d be going back to the hospital for this scan. I sat with her until 6pm trying to steady her but there seemed little sign of any transport arriving and I had to come out.

I’ve just rung them expecting that the whole thing would have been deferred now until the morning but no, they still intend to drag an 82 year old dementia patient out of her room at this time of night. I keep being told that as it isn’t an emergency she’s not a priority but then why can’t they defer it until tomorrow? I just don’t know what to do for the best. Do I go back to intermediate care and sit with her until they come? Do I wait until she’s off and disappears into the chaos that is A and E?

What the hell do I do for the best?

Do what gives you the least stress in these hard circumstances.
Stay home and keep phoning for updates.
Go to Mum, so you know what is happening -or not happening straight away.
I can’t guess which would be best so you have to decide.
Hope all is well.