NHS patient transport are useless

Ok so my mums been in hospital about a week now, Monday she was fit for discharge and was meant to be coming home that day. Waited till 9pm and called to ask where she was and they said they were keeping her as they don’t know how they’ll get her home and she needs someone out to do an assessment.

The patient transport came out took a few photos and the hospital didn’t get the report until last night. Then said they’ll discharge her again and said they were bringing her on the stretcher. This is no good as they won’t fit through the door and it has to be a chair.

Then we have them saying stuff like can’t you get the property adapted or something. No we don’t need it, If they got her out why can’t they get her in? She’s needed treatment from a specialist for years, but she can’t get to hospital as the transport teams are useless. Every time we have an issue with them, and it’s so annoying, the pick fault with everything. Even reported to the social that we had a bottle of whisky on the worktop like wtf why they so nosey in our house, they made it a safeguarding thing as well. They’re pathetic. I really don’t get why they haven’t sorted it and just do what they did to bring her out. They’re just lazy and want nothing to do.

Biggest problem with NHS patients transport, is they lease out the contract to firms who are not exNHS staff most of them but normally do like social services transport or people who just want a job for the money a big like some agency nurses, most only got basic faw. I know that they could not work out how to get my dad off the transport and had to show them how to do it and get him inside, at least I learnt something from St John’s ambulance. I would complain about it become a issue as it just causing upset and grief. Ask the fire service to do a visit for smoke alarms etc and ask them to see if there is any issues, they will tell you. So if there is a issue next time your mum needs patient transport home or to hospital, you can tell them where to go.

That’s pathetic when the hospital need their bed back!

It’s dreadful around here too. I remember my poor old Mum being taken home after major surgery for bowel cancer. She lived about 30 miles from the hospital but ended up doing 3 times that as they had to drop off other patients all over the county.

Being a rural area that meant some of them lived miles off main roads, down beaten tracks on smallholdings and farms. She said it was agony and every lump and bump caused more pain. I felt so sorry for her but had I known It was this bad I would have collected her in my car.