Hospital letter nonsense

Received a letter that my e appointment to see a consultant arranged by the GP has been cancelled.

What Appointment, never heard of this consultant.

Second letter, that my re arranged appointment has been cancelled, another appointment will be sent out.

Third letter, as i have cancelled/re arranged my appointment twice then according to Hospital policy, i have now been discharged back to the care of my GP.

All 3 letters received in the same postal delivery the same day.

But i haven’t cancelled or re arranged the appointments how can i , i knew nothing about this e appointment, never heard of the consultant, i haven’t seen the GP for months.

So now i have to phone the GP, see what is happening? just no idea and i don’t think they have any idea either.

There just seems to be too many of these your appointment has been cancelled/ re arranged, causes a great deal of confusion to patients.

Its the coronavirus and the second wave. Hospitals must give priority to new cases and inevitably existing appointments get postponed. It sounds as though they at the hospital are in a bit of a pickle and maybe someone has pressed a few wrong buttons on the computer system. Garbage in - garbage out. It may be wise to check with your GP. Don’t phone the hospital; it is already overwhelmed.


how frustrating.

I think I’d copy the letters and bung them in an envelope and post them to the GP with a note asking what the referral was for and can he sort it out please.

I have had similar issues prior to Covid - being sent a DNA letter for an appointment I was never sent a letter about; S having a DNA letter for an appointment we did attend and myself being sent a DNA letter for an appointment that I had changed :unamused: :smiling_imp:


I rang up the GP and the issue had been dealt with already without seeing the consultant but 3 confusing letters?

The hospital policy is very strict 2 or even 1 rearrange and you are taken off the list.

Again they seem to be dealing with fit and healthy people with no account of people who are ill or have carers or no transport.

If you have sickness/diarrhoea, they don’t want you in the hospital but then if you are sick/ill you get discharged.

It is just extra admin for the poor GP.

I have to say the Admin from the NHS needs to be changed. I used to get two letters reminding me of my appointment, a text and a phone call.
I’ve never missed an appointment in my life and I found it demeaning… The letter quoted how many Millions the NHS lost because of missed appointments.
If someone misses an appointment refer them back to the GP. Don’t waste hundreds of thousands of pounds sending out reminders and employing people to call people who are fully aware they have an appointment…