Prescriptions has to be a better way

I took my caree to the hospital 3 weeks ago and was prescribed new medication.
But the hospital didn’t give them the medication, the consultant wrote to the GP.
My caree has received a copy of the letter, knows the drugs and the quantity.

But the GP hasn’t received the letter, so I rang the GP explained about the medication last week.
The GP said they would send the prescription electronically to the chemist. I went to the chemist, nope no prescription, no medication, I should contact the GP.

I have contacted the GP, the GP can’t send out the prescription without the letter from the consultant.
So what now contact the hospital again?

Why didn’t the hospital give my caree the medication straight away.
Or send the prescription electronically to the chemist.
It’s just ridiculous in this day and age writing to each other and using the post.

There is the telephone, email and messenger and the NHS are using old fashioned post.

Which I understand is being delayed because of corona.

I’d ring the CEO of the hospital, because we are told that hospitals are still supporting patients who don’t have the virus. If you have a copy of the letter from the consultant, why can’t the GP accept that as “evidence”. Alternatively ring the CCCG and complain to them, as they commission the doctors to provide their services, I believe.

You could also contact PALS at the hospital. Alternately, or as well. leave a message on the consultant secretary’s phone.


I have had this happen before coronavirus with S’s epilepsy meds. Mad system.

Best thing is to ring the consultant’s secretary to get a copy of the faxed/emailed to the GP. You could also try scanning the letter your caree has from the hospital and sending it to the GP.