Hello am new here. My mum’s been home 5 weeks now after stroke caused by heart flutter sending clot to right 50%blocked carotid. She’s been through so much - 2 heart attacks, bowl rupture, and now I think I have to finally accept the mum I knew has gone. Just had 5th episode in as many weeks of bad bad abuse swearing at me throwing things I have taken to recording these incidents as my mind is blown & I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I know she’s not well but I can’t take this anymore (or that’s how I feel tonight) just really keen to hear from anyone who’s been here & can enlighten me ive researched I know she has damage to brain but why does she feel it’s ok to do this to me when all I’ve ever done is look after her to my own detriment. I feel like a bad daughter etc but basically am flatline numb I don’t want it to be like this. The occupational therapist is due Thursday so I will be laying at all bare with her come what may my poor mum needs help & I’m just not good enough to give to to get I really don’t know what else to do.

Talli, is mum’s GP aware of what is happening?? I’m afraid mum now needs specialist 24/7 care.
Contact Social Services are ask for an URGENT need for an assessment and temporary respite care.
If no one listens, next time mum is abusive call the ambulance service and say you CANNOT manage mum any more. She should never have come home from hospital like this.
In the mean time, think about gathering together an overnight bag.