Hi all.
I’m a carer for my mum (76yrs) who had a serious stroke in 2012. I ran my own business where she worked along sided me so when this happened I gave up my business/career to become her carer along with my dad. I work 5 days a week and cover weekends and respite when dad goes away or off for the day. Have another sister who will if needs come and help when dad’s away on the weekends if she is able too. I also have a long term partner who is great and beryl supportive of the whole family). Mum and dad are very thankful for this as other carers that helped for the first year before I could take over were never consistent and they both really struggled with this.
At the moment mum is in hospital so will need to contact DWP on Tuesday to inform them of the situation. She is much better now ( been in just over a week) and is not on antibiotics anymore. She had pneumonia from they suspect pulmonary aspiration but not 100% sure. She won’t be allowed out till she is able to stand, do transfers and take a few steps aided. With bank holiday it has really set this back. Hoping tomorrow the physio will let her start this instead of using a hoist. She’s used to immediate care from dad and I so having to wait for nurses to come to her aid is causing some other issues.
I think after reading many others stories that in many respects I’m lucky in my carers situation but do have very dark days too. Mum has never been easy to deal with and since her stroke this side of her personality is more magnified. She does swear, lash out, does lots of refusals. Hospital though seems to have actually help with her speech, is eating lots more variety of food, which had been an issue and in general much more vibrant and receptive to new thing ( well she hasn’t had a choice). Finger crossed it continues when she is discharged.
Best wishes to everyone

Hi Johaan,

welcome to the forum, I hope you find it supportive and helpful.

Several other carers on the forum have experience of caring for someone following a stroke - it can be hard work.