My name is Marc, I’m 55 years old and I care for my mother who has dementia. My previous work has been support work with mainly homeless people.
Recently I have had to make a complaint to Social Services about a decision they made to try to get my mum to move to cheaper care providers. They made this decision despite my mother and I being very happy with our care provision and provider. The care providers are fantastic, they have made such a good impression on my mother that she even remembers some of their names! As you can imagine that is quite some feat for someone with dementia.
Despite my work background, I have made many complaints and appeals on behalf of clients, I found the whole process very stressful and upsetting. Eventually Social Services agreed to restore my mother’s funding. I have been thinking that if I hadn’t had lots of previous work experience working with statutory agencies and been familiar with the process I have really struggled.
I would like to offer anyone who is going through a similar process some support. I’d be happy to talk you through the process and help to draft your complaint or appeal. I understand how stressful complaining can be and I would like to help anyone who would like some support. Thanks, Marc

Hi Marc and welcome,
Glad you managed to restore your Mother’s trusted care workers.
I think council’s hope we will all roll over and let them make decisions often based on saving money rather than the best interests of the person involved.
Sadly there are always a number of people on here battling on behalf of their carees. I think this is often more exhausting than delivering the actual care. I’m sure your experience will be welcome.