Hi new to the forum

Hi im phil, im the youngest of four siblings
In april this year my dad passed away
He was caring for my older brother lindon who is mentally disabled
My older sister sharon who is also mentally disabled now lives residential care
Dad was her appointee
And the oldest of us all jeromy suffers with schizophrenia and also lives in supported living.

My mother died just over a year ago after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Mum and dad cared for lindon and sharon at home and when mum got imobile dad looked after all 3 until mum got too poorly
Then sharon was placed in residential care.

Dad and I was in talks with social services re lindon but nothing was set up before he died

Ive always been involved in caring for my siblings one way or another all my life
I am now lindons sole carer.

Before dad passed away I was in work running my own home ect in west Yorkshire,
Now im in east Yorkshire were my dad lived.

As you can imagine ive had alot to do emotionally and physically to sort everything out from the funeral, bills ect ect
Telling my siblings and sorting benifits

I feel drained right now there is so much uncertainty lindon wants to stay in the east riding and housing, benifits and the future are all what ifs
So any advice would be great phil

Start by asking Social Services to do an URGENT reassessment of his needs.
What benefits does he get at the moment? Are you his DWP “appointee”? If not, sort this out asap.

Morning Phil

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Hi Phil, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds like a lot to cope with.

It might be helpful to contact our advice and support team and see what support you’re entitled to and get an idea for your next steps:


Best wishes


Social services yes well urm lol
We had the sit in service set up I drove 70 odd miles after going home getting changed and dropping my works van off
Waited for the undertaker
Then social services made contact they was contacted by the police because I personally passed on the worker

We have been through options of were my brother can go but I get the feeling im a hindrance while the lock down is on

I have housing issues im in a private let that is over the rent payment
They want me to be guarantor but reading there rules I have to be working or self employed
Ive been told i can get special circumstances bonus
However its been five weeks since my dad died and social have still not paid me a penny
I dont want to get into debt for the sake of helping another thats not suppose to be how this works but I geuss thats the way it is
Thanks for replying ill get in touch with the person recommended