Hi My name is Gill

Hi my name is Gill - and mu husband was diagnosed 12 months ago with a complex and aggressive multiple myeloma ( blood cancer) aged 57.

Hi Gill,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis.

Are you getting any support from the McMillan nurses?


Hi Melly
Thanks for the reply. It’s tough - no help - no one has been allowed in the house for the last 18 months and non for the future at least til the spring - Simon has had a stem cell transplant - and no immunity from any infections or diseases atm …. So I do not get any help from family or friends. By tge end of the day I find myself anxious because I feel so cut off from people - so just have to walk into the village just to watch the world carrying on.

That sounds incredibly hard. I’m sure you are desperately hoping the sacrifice is worth it.