Another newbie

Hi all

I’m Sally and I’ve just joined the Forum.
I’m 48 and married with no children, just dogs!
My husband is 50 and was diagnosed in 2017 with a rare condition called PMP - it’s a rare form of abdominal cancer.
His particular type of PMP is untreatable and life shortening. He’s been on palliative chemo continuously since May 2017.
It’s been an emotional rollercoaster as I’m sure you will all be able to appreciate.

He was working full time (from home as he worked remotely for a Finance system provider) and then went to part-time earlier in the year as his energy isn’t as it was. He then decided to pack in work and so ceased working in Sept this year. I work full time in a busy job and have been working from home since lockdown.

In recent months I have been feeling the strain of the situation and not having any time away from home (I used to work in the office 2-3 days a week); not having some quality time with friends and there has been a shift in my husband’s health (not for the better); his attitude and his behaviour so I really feel tested by it all.

I really feel in need of some support from people who have some experience of their own in a similar situation. Most of our friends struggle to support me as they can’t really face that my husband’s not going to get better so, although they try their best, it is largely platitudes I get.

Any words of advice; wisdom hugely appreciated as I waiver between feeling totally inadequate as there’s so little I can actually do apart from practical stuff round the house; moisturising his feet; make hot water bottles when he gets cramps in his hands and legs etc OR feel totally taken for granted and unappreciated.

Thanks all

That sounds very difficult, and very lonely. Is there a hospice near you? Ours gave my dad wonderful support in various ways before he died.